We are very keen to attract new members. The most important objective for members is to enjoy your time with us but as a new member you may wish to be more involved by providing feedback on “civic” matters within the Town or its Vale. You may wish to be involved in the committee or in assisting the committee in some way by providing help or guidance whenever you think it is appropriate, we need member’s opinions.  You may wish only to attend our monthly meetings and summertime trips.  Whichever reason you join the Society, please know that the more members we have the larger our voice will be in seeking to improve the place that you live in.

Our aims and the things that we do are explained in the leaflet, which is available below to download. 

Our membership form is also available below to download and fill in. 

If you would like to discuss membership of the Society, please email or ring the Chair, 07801 846049.