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Vale of Evesham Civic Society Annual Awards 2016/17

The Vale of Evesham Civic Society recently presented their Annual Merit and Commendation Awards.

At a brief ceremony on the 28th April at the Valkyrie Bar and Café Bar, Chairman and Colin Tether presented a Commendation Award to Steve Richford and Katrina Edwards for the contribution made by their sympathetic renovation of the Town Hall Undercroft to create the Valkyrie Café Bar. The Town Hall undercroft had lain empty for 13 years with various attempts to camouflage its neglected state, their actions improved the street scene and provide character to an important part of the Town Hall and shows confidence in the future of the Town.

Jim Powell (Chairman VECS), Katrina Edwards and Steve Richford (Valkyrie), Colin Tether (VECS)


At another ceremony on the 11th May, the Society presented their Merit Award to Albert and Fred Homer of AJ & SC Properties Ltd for a mews style development off Merstow Green. It was thought to be an improvement to an important and historical area of Evesham. Originally the site was the bar and skittle alley of the Working Men’s Club.

The development is called Brace’s Row after Mathew Brace a young Evesham Rugby player who died after an accident in May 2011. It is a doubly poignant award because Fred Homer, who did most of the brickwork on the project and is named on the Merit Award, died in October 2016. It was felt that this award was a fitting memorial.

Ian & Pat Stanton, Sue Campbell, Colin Tether (VECS) Angela & Albert Homer, Andy Tosney, Stuart & Helen Homer (AJ & SC Properties), Jill Haycock (Vice Chair VECS)

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